Since birth, Heather has enjoyed talking about herself in the 3rd person.  In early childhood, she hypnotized her little sister, Dana, to blindly participate in any and all of her harebrained schemes.  At about 9 years old, Heather directed said sister to help with plans such as creating “Lovers’ Lake” in which they used a shower curtain to make a pond, complete with waterfall, tropical foliage, tin foil swans, and their mom’s giant sunhat to emulate a moon.  Then they asked their parents to celebrate their anniversary lakeside where they ordered from a glitter encrusted menu of PB&Js and scrambled eggs.  Less successful childhood endeavors include things such as a carnival in her front yard that invited folks to roll down a hill sitting on an empty Sparklets bottle and a scrunchy making business where the scrunchies were roughly the sizes of your head.  Although Heather’s ideas these days are both more useful and generally more successful, the spirit of everything in her world remains the same…..no matter how outlandish: dream it up, enlist those around you to participate, have fun no matter how things unfold.

Throughout my life I, I mean Heather’s life, she has found several creative outlets.  She’s run marketing campaigns, done extensive graphics – including designing T shirts that have sold at JC Penney, Walmart, and Kmart, created fine art and graphics for numerous films and TV shows, worked as an illustrator, wrote and produced in the entertainment industry, and regularly designs furniture with her incredibly sweet and talented husband, chrisholme.com.

Mona Abby


Heather and Chris have two daughters, 5 and 6 years old and two nieces, 4 and 7 years old.  Between the four girls and friends, their home has kid traffic to rival Chuck E Cheese’s.  They have become experts in chaos management resulting in a home full of fun, art, education, great events, and super well-behaved kids.  This Blog aims to invite you into their world where drawing on walls is encouraged, eating veggies is fun (kinda), home decor is super unique, and parties (sophisticated or silly) happen often.  There are lots of projects to be found on this site.  However, Heather’s real “secrets” are not found in the “how to” rather in the idea of approaching all areas of life creatively.  Heather believes that creativity is something rarely cultivated beyond childhood and the world would be way more fun if that wasn’t so.  She also thinks that if she can get the masses to embrace her outlook, she will have taken the first steps necessary for world domination.

Her most recent accomplishments include getting the kids to school on time, writing three New York Times Best Sellers in her head while simultaneously thinking about working out.  Further, she just broke the record for the most liquid consumed while typing a bio and now badly needs to step away from the computer.


It’s my understanding that successful bloggers need to post about three times per week or else those following their blog feel forgotten and go elsewhere.

If you like the stuff you see here, I assure you there’s a wealth to come.  It just won’t arrive three times a week and might not be picture perfect when it gets to you.  I’m not going to photoshop myself to look skinny and porcelain or my work to look flawless, some the picture will be shot with my phone and shared with you like I’m texting a good friend that doesn’t care if my hair hasn’t been washed in a week.  Between family and professional obligations, my days usually run from about 6 am – 2 am.  I’m very excited about this blog but it is going to be a challenge to find time to post.  If you decide to “FOLLOW” me, you’ll get an email every time I write something.  Starting out, my goal is to post once a week.   



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