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b boys and rea

Mother’s Day Every Week

3 AM, I’m sitting on the floor next to my daughter’s bed as she recovers from food poisoning.  “Mommy, will you sing …

rea with scarf

No-Sew Scarf

Like every parent, I love gifts that my children make.  I also have a teeny tiny bit of hoarding tendencies.  So, unlike …


Rock Out!

There are few things I admire more than high design at low expense.  Throwing money at projects can open a world of …


Crayon Madness

Be warned, proceeding with this project will make your friends feel inferior. What’s cooler than completing a project that makes people think …


Picture Collage

 I LOVE art!  I want as much cool, interesting, pretty, funny, clever art in my home as it will hold without looking like …

midnight snack box open

Wedding Night Delight

When my friends get married, I like to make sure that they are thinking of me later that night in bed.  For …