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If your family has adopted a Scout Elf, you know that they are loads of fun but there are also a few problems they can cause.  I personally spoke with a North Pole representative to get the low down on dealing with the most common Scout Elf issues.



Most Common Issues and the Solutions


1)   Is it cause for alarm if I wake up and my elf is in the same spot he or she was in the day before?

There is no need to worry. There are several reasons an elf may remain in the same spot for more than a day. It is a long journey from all residential areas to the North Pole. For the health and safety of the Scout Elves, Santa may give them the night off to rest or to avoid hazardous weather between your home and Santa’s workshop. There are also times when it may appear that your elf has not moved but in fact he or she has just chosen the same spot to land multiple days in a row.

2)   What do I do if my Elf is accidentally touched?

One of the first rules of elf guardianship is to make sure your elf will not be touched. However, Santa knows that accidents do happen. Should your elf lose their magic due to being touched, mail a letter explaining the situation to Santa straight away. He will send Rescue Elves out to help with the situation. Your Scout Elf will be assisted back to the North Pole where they will spend as much time as is needed for them to heal. This may be one night or several depending on the extent of the injuries. 

However, intentional touching may very well land a child on the naughty list and or Santa may recall your elf to the North Pole until the child in question agrees to follow the rules.

3)   How do I handle the extreme sadness my child feels when it is time to say good-bye to our elf?

Having trouble parting ways is a problem that many children face. On Christmas Eve, please explain the situation to your elf. Scout Elves are very sweet and are all too glad to help with such issues. Scout Elves have been known to do something nice for kids shortly after they leave for the year. Although they would love to help by sticking around, Elf Law prohibits Scout Elves from staying with a family past Christmas Eve, so they try to help in other ways.  Usually they leave a small token the day after Christmas for their child. They’ve been known to write poems, letters, leave a few candy canes, or even a small present. Some put a touch of their magic into plush Elves or reindeer that can be found in many local stores.  The wonderful thing about the plush toys is that children may cuddle with them and touch them all they want.elf-and-raindeer

But please let your child know that they will only receive a parting gift if they remain calm.  Scout Elves are all about supporting good behavior.  After all, that’s why Santa chose them to help with “the list”.  

So there you have it.  Some very helpful answers from Christmas Headquarters.

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