Front Door Cheer

You know what’s fun?  Shopping at Kmart, in December, when all their computers go down.  People were mad.  The poor cashiers were stressed to the max and those standing in line made The Grinch look like a pink puppy wearing a “cuddle me” sign.  A childhood memory of holiday shopping with my awesomely spirited mom came to mind.  She would bring candy canes and we’d hand them out.  We’d also wear santa hats.  In my head, we were SO COOL and spread as much joy as humanly possible.  So, I quickly added a box of candy canes to my purchases and started doling them out.  I have to say, this went a little differently than I remembered.  Half the people looked at me like I was a stranger in Kmart handing out candy but others we’re reminded of the season and brightened right up.

I got to thinking, now that I do 90% of my shopping on-line, I don’t have the chance to spread dorky holiday cheer as much.  I decided to take the idea of random giving to my front door and offer a festive token to our mailman, gardeners, delivery people, and solicitors alike.


Here’s the candy cane station I set up on our porch, but you could do something as simple as a bowl next to your door mat with a hand written note.  It doesn’t need to be highly designed or elaborate.




Now I have to go back to Kmart to return something I bought.  This is my receipt. Maybe it would help if I wear my old santa hat. Pray for me.


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