Frozen Party

Growing up I remember there being movies that nearly everyone, without exception, went to see: Top Gun, E.T., Schindler’s List, Back to the Future, etc.  In recent years it seems harder for a movie to harness the masses so completely.  Until now…… Frozen has drawn just about every child we know to the theaters.  So, basically I’m saying it’s the Schindler’s List of kid movies.  At both of my kids’ schools, boys and girls alike, are playing Frozen.  There’s a run on Frozen merchandise, and just about every time we’re out we hear random kids singing the songs.  This film is as popular as shiny droid on a Jawa transport, as to say, very.

When our daughter, who loves this movie with stalker like intensity, asked that we give her a Frozen party for her birthday, we thought it’d be fun to encourage her obsession.  I was also pretty sure that her stuffed pink elephant named Queen Else Anna Olaf Kristoff Cutie Face Marshmallow Holme would have a blast at such a shindig.
pink elephant-1Seemed like it’d be a synch.  Before you agree, please reference the afore mentioned “run on Frozen merchandise” statement.  None of the party stores had character paper goods, our local Disney stores were out of every Frozen item except Hans dolls (you should note that “Hans” is the only character name at was not included in the pink elephant’s moniker), and we live in Southern California where it’s about 78 degrees every day making our environment lack all snow-like qualities.  Since the demand apparently out weighed the supply, here are a bunch of work-arounds I used to create the party.

1) Decorative snow spread on the grass and in the trees1K6A0869 1K6A0912 1K6A0877

2) For party favors we gave white hair spray from our local costume store, packets of instant snow from Lakeshore (educational toy store), and Olaf puzzles that my husband made


3) I made garlands by stringing cotton balls from CVS drugstore on clear thread from JoAnn and the kids made icicles with clear beads, also from JoAnn

Icicles-and-cotton-snoe-balls 1K6A09144) BIRTHDAY CAKE!!!!  I went crazy with the cake and designed something that required carving for the first time.  Everything except his arms and hair were eatable.  The head and body are made of white cake, with light blue frosting, then covered with white fondant and darker fondant details.  I’m going to dedicate an entire blog to cake making but the one tip I will give you in the meantime is this:  If you want to try carving, freeze your cake first!  It will make your life worlds easier

Olaf cake 2 Olaf cake 1


me and Olaf
cutting the cakeZoe blowing candles

5) Since we’re on the subject of Olaf, here’s how I served carrots and ranch dip to the kids

1K6A0805 1K6A0803 1K6A0802

6) A surprise gift from Queen Elsa was left on our door step.  She bottled some of her “Ice Magic” and sent it to the party!  It’s really Martha Stewart’s Crystal Ice Spray, but shhhhhhhh… don’t tell

This is how it arrived:

1K6A0781ice crystals on window


The portion of the letter about the gift reads:

To help make your party special, I have sent this gift to you.  I have bottled a bit of my Ice Magic in this sliver container.  As you know, my magic is wonderful but can be dangerous.  So, I must insist that only your parents use it.  If they spray the contents onto any window, ice crystals will slowly appear.

Lot of love and snowflake kisses,

Queen Elsa 

7) Snowman string cheese



8) Reindeer sandwiches from Sven 1K6A0782
1K6A0786 1K6A0790 1K6A0789

9) Fjord water  (AKA watered down Gatorade)



10) Water bottle labels water bottles

11) We had a snow machine going for a little bit.  Snow machine liquid is pretty expensive but my brilliant husband figured out a simple recipe to make it at home:


  • 1 gallon distilled water
  • 1 cup of rubbing alcohol
  • 1 cup Mr. Bubble

Mix the  ingredients carefully so that it doesn’t foam up too much.  Playing with the amount of water will vary the bubble size and texture of the resulting snow.

zoe in the snow

We also put out a huge tub of Speedy Snow (AKA Instant Snow) for the kids to play with at the party.


Word on the street is that it was a great party.  Well, at least that’s what Queen Else Anna Olaf Kristoff Cutie Face Marshmallow Holme told our daughter.  And when all was said and done there was only one remaining question………….



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