What to do with Halloween Candy



This year was a spectacular trick-or-treating success!  The kid in me was so excited.  Anytime we’d see a house ahead of us that was all decked out in spooky gear, I’d scream, “Hurry up guys.  Let’s get over there!  It’s gunna be a good one!!!!”.  You’d think after decades of Halloweens I’d figure out the even the decorated houses give out the exact same mini candy bars as everyone else, but no, I jump out of my socks every time.

This year, the haul was impressive!  At the end of the night we came home, not because the kids were tired, but because they’d collected so much candy that their bags were too heavy to carry.  And with the exception of the one house that was giving random food from their kitchen, landing our kids with two persimmons, it was solid sugar that they were hefting.

The next day, after my trick-or-treating goggles had warn off, and my mommy brain had returned, I realized that we now had several pounds in the house of something the kids shouldn’t eat.  We let them live it up over the weekend and they ate more than their fair share of sugar.  During the week we’ve switched to letting them pick a piece or two after dinner.  However, when this week is over, it’s time to say bye bye to those santa sizes sacks of convections.

Here’s a truly great thing to do with all that orphaned candy.

Operation Gratitude has a Halloween Candy program.  If you donate your leftover candy, they will package it up and send it to our troops over seas.  Many schools and dentists’ offices have “candy buy back” programs that do this very thing.  But if you don’t have a school or doctor helping redistribute the treats visit OPERATION GRATITUDE to learn how.

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